Booking meetings with prospective customers


A global business services company was struggling to get noticed and wanted to secure more meetings with senior prospective customers. So we sent a simple handwritten letter explaining their value to busy C- level prospects.


The results

1 in 3-1

letters resulted in meetings 

Copy of 1 in 3-4

Copy of 1 in 3-3

their typical email campaign response rate. 



Progressing opportunities in the pipeline


At Inkpact we use our own handwritten notes service to prospect new business too. In February 2019, with Valentine’s day on the 14th and Random Acts of Kindness day on the 17th we sent out a ‘customer love’ themed campaign to 57 opportunities in the pipeline that needed something delightful to get them moving again.


The Goal was to get 20% meeting conversion rate...


The results

42% (1)-1 42% (1)-1

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