Seasonal offer to increase repeat purchases

We sent handwritten Valentines Day cards to a gym apparel
company’s customers. We wanted to test the impact of handwritten mail vs printed mail - the campaign was A/B split tested. The same message was sent to every recipient but half received a handwritten card and half a printed card. The goal was to drive redemptions of a discount code.

The results

Copy of Copy of 1 in 3-2

 Redemption rate from handwritten cards


Copy of Copy of 1 in 3-3


Copy of Copy of 1 in 3-4

Redemption rate from printed cards


Welcome new customers and increase CLV



For 3 years we have sent an Inkpact to new customers of a designer men’s swimwear brand… The goal was to welcome new customers, thank them for their purchase and increase repeat purchases. The brand ran an A/B split test measuring the impact of handwritten notes vs email to see if the added thoughtfulness would make a difference… and it did… 

The results

42% (2)-1


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