We Are Fighting Illness With #CoLoveLetters

Brands receive a 20% discount coupon to help promote spending and help us gather profits to support non-profit organisations in their work on COVID-19. 

Let's spread love during COVID-19 with +2,000 #CoLoveLetters.

As Aristotle said, we are social animals. Living in isolation is not something for us. The recent global crisis brought by Coronavirus is an occasion to build bridges and destroy houses' walls. 

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From stranger to stranger, from human to human,

connecting us with positivity love and joy. Because that’s what we need right now -

Charlotte Pearce, CEO


We cannot do this alone.


If you are a company: 

  • RECEIVE 20% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE - And make your brand more human.
  • HELP GATHER DONATIONS - We'll donate 100% of our profits to charity
  • SEND FREE #COLOVELETTERS - Send free letters to the people you care about that are in isolation.

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A Case Study from Orlebar Brown

“We’re really pleased with the number of positive comments our customers have made regarding our personalised, handwritten postcards. This in turn has had a huge positive impact on the number of customers we’ve retained year on year, whilst remaining cost competitive when compared to other marketing channels.”


The results


Increase in basket size compared to email



Increase in Repeat Purchases

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