Customer delight is the new normal


Once upon a time, business success simply depended on your brand being the cheapest in the market, or the biggest name. This is no longer the case. Customer delight is now key, and the experience you give to your audience has an incredible impact.


What is customer delight?


Customer delight is a human response full of positive emotions which can cause plenty of tangible benefits for your brand. Nevertheless, it’s not as common as you might think.

While customer satisfaction relies on meeting existing expectations, customer delight takes the customer experience to a whole new level, exceeding expectations and changing public perception of their brand. A company is nothing without customers, and their opinions can make or break your success. It’s key that these individuals feel cared for, listened to and treated well. 


The many benefits of customer delight...

Add value


are willing to pay more for great customer experience



of organisations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations in 2019



are more influenced by a positive experience than great advertising



the year CX will beat price & product as the key brand differentiator



say friendly customer service can make them fall in love with a brand



who receive great customer experience are likely to repurchase from the same company

Creating a customer delight marketing strategy


Customer retention is often overlooked by marketing and sales, but it plays a crucial role for every business. When you consider that attracting a new customer costs five times as much as retaining an existing customer on average, it’s hardly rocket science. If your business is generating new leads but not caring for existing customers, the numbers just don’t add up.

When treated well, customers can also be your best advocates, championing your brand and sharing your values with a wider audience. Customer delight campaigns can often be contagious, and similar to friends talking to friends.

Handwritten notes are a great way to deliver customer delight. Far from the mass mailers we regularly receive in the post, these letters are personal, intimate and one-off. Their personalised nature shows a commitment of time, effort and thought. Crucially, they add a human touch to an increasingly anonymised and loveless marketing space. 






Why delivering customer delight matters now more than ever


Brand loyalty is changing, and it’s becoming increasingly important to deliver customer delight. Thanks to social media platforms, online reviews and comparison sites, consumers from all around the world are able to talk to each other and compare experiences. As a result, audiences are becoming less dependent on brands, more willing to pursue a better deal and increasingly informed on all the options available to them.

Achieving customer delight hasn’t got any more difficult though – it’s just that individuals are less likely to stick around in its absence. Customers expect more from your brand, and it’s likely your competitors are already on their radar. Many individuals will be willing to change to a new supplier if they can offer something more – so it’s time to make the effort.



How to deliver customer delight


Rather than asking what your customers can do for you, ask what you can do for your customers. Sending personalised emails and digital greetings cards is no longer enough to impress your customers, let alone delight them. Brands need to find new ways to capture their attention, appeal to their senses and deliver an offering they will actually appreciate.

Brands constantly strive for customer satisfaction, meeting expectations to keep their audiences satisfied and maintain the status quo. But what if, rather than satisfaction, brands instead worked towards customer delight, going beyond expectations and changing how an individual thinks about your brand?

Most importantly, you can’t buy love. Customer delight is all about going the extra mile, forging human connections and creating meaningful moments. It’s not a simple win, but the benefits are unimaginable if you get it right.




The challenges of customer delight


Being a forward thinking trendsetter can have its problems. Despite the amazing ways in which customer delight can benefit your business, sometimes it can be difficult to convince your team and get the go-ahead on a new project. 

For one thing, customer delight campaigns can often be resource-heavy, requiring a significant commitment of time and effort. It can be overwhelming to implement a handwritten campaign yourself, especially when it is new territory for your brand. Perhaps you can roll this out to your top 10 customers, but what about scalability?

Budgets can also be hard to win when colleagues want to be convinced of the return on investment. Customer care teams are consistently under pressure to perform, and retention targets aren't going to come easily. How can you prove that delighting customers can help to achieve core business goals?





How Inkpact can help

Inkpact delivers handwritten messages to help brands create personal moments and nurture human connections. 
With a variety of handwritten notes and accompanying gifts available at almost any volume, whether you need 20 or 20,000 we can take care of all the sourcing, printing, scribing and quality assurance for you.

We’re able to deliver customer delight campaigns within as little time as 7 working days thanks to our flexible freelance community of human scribes.  As a result, we can achieve quick turnarounds and our scribes can earn while they parent, study or recover from illness.

What’s more, we use technology to enable this service at an unmatched scale and speed. Our simple self-serve platform and CRM integrations make it possible for your brand to interact with us in whichever way best suits you. All you have to do is design your stationery, upload your recipients and type your personalised message, and we’ll do the rest.


We want to make the world a more delightful place and inspire others to do the same. Operating undercover as a handwriting secretary, Inkpact has helped numerous household brands to deliver customer delight to millions all around the world.

Naturally, most of our customers prefer to stay a secret, but our case studies  show some of the incredible results they have seen.



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