Direct mail isn’t extinct


Direct mail campaigns may have fallen out of favour with some businesses, yet this approach can yield incredible results in terms of opens, engagement and conversion.

Are you struggling to cut through the digital noise and get the attention of your dream clients? Direct mail is the ideal solution for a seller looking to be more personal and eye catching – so long as they go about it the right way.


What is direct mail marketing?


Direct mail marketing is any one-to-one postal communication between a seller and a current or prospective customer. Done right, direct mail has the potential to be hyper-targeted and highly effective, reaching out to handpicked individuals with highly personalised messages.

From personal experience, clients often speak with our team long after we first reached out to them, because they kept our handwritten direct mail and it continued to resonate with them. While emails quickly get buried and forgotten, memorable messages stick around for longer and generate stronger emotional responses.



stronger impact on long-term memory from mail in comparison to email


6 copy

for each £1 spend on direct mail £3.22 is the average return


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mail lasts over 28 days in the home or office compared to seconds with email

What can direct mail achieve for your business?


Many businesses struggle to differentiate their offering from competitors. Consumers are more informed and empowered than ever before.

So, consider how you reach out to prospects. Is it any different to the way your competitors behave? According to the Radicati Group, 281 billion emails were sent every day in 2018. No wonder 53% of people told DMA Insight they get too many irrelevant marketing emails. It’s official, a constant barrage of online outreach is no longer working.

Businesses must evolve their outreach efforts to capture the attention of buyers and appeal to their senses. While people may be used to receiving printed mass mailers in the post, handwritten direct mail campaigns can help businesses to connect with consumers on a personal level, and demonstrate a commitment of time, effort and care.





Why create a personalised direct mail campaign?


Direct mail is often dismissed as an option by digital-focused marketing and sales departments. However, this channel can play a crucial role in lead generation efforts converting cold prospects to warm leads.

With many of us facing digital fatigue, it’s all too easy for your carefully-curated digital approach to be ignored. In contrast, the best direct mail marketing campaigns have the potential to catch your prospects’ eye, keep their attention and inspire their imagination. 

Our brains choose selective events to store in our memory, and the beginning of an interaction has disproportionate power to affect us. As Chip & Dan Heath illustrate in their best-selling book ‘The Power of Moments’ we as humans tend to remember the very best and the very worst experiences and forget the rest. Psychological research shows that meaningful introductions have the power to jolt us into action and linger in our minds.

Think about the last time you received something in the post that really made you stop, smile and spend time away from your usual daily routine and away from your screen. Perhaps it was a letter from a friend, a birthday card or just your latest online order. Whatever the reason, direct mail works to reach us in a way that simply can’t be achieved by an email, message or call.


Royal Mail Marketreach defines ‘valued mail’ according to these characteristics:


  • Featuring relevant information about the business
  • Creating an emotional response about the business among consumers
  • Leading consumers to reconsider existing perceptions of the business
  • Driving consumer actions that create commercial value for the business

Mail that triggers an emotional response is not only valued by your audience, it’s also hugely valuable to businesses. In fact, research shows that valued mail drives action amongst 92% of emotionally-responsive recipients.




How to overcome the 5 biggest challenges of direct mail marketing...



Direct mail campaigns have earned a somewhat unfair reputation as old-fashioned, impersonal and ineffective. We love to hate mass-produced catalogues, mailers and flyers posted through every letterbox in the neighbourhood. Many brands also favour digital channels - after all, if your office is going paperless, why shouldn’t your outreach efforts?

We believe it’s time to reinvent direct mail as a force for good. This medium has so much potential when prospects are treated like individuals and meaningful moments are forged. Far from being outdated, direct mail campaigns actually have the potential to bypass our digital fatigue and connect with prospects on a level rarely seen today in business.




When sales departments are used to firing out thousands of promotional emails a week, direct mail campaign costs may seem daunting. Handwritten letters likely come with a higher cost per lead, and committing your budget to a new medium may be a big step to take.

However, handwritten direct mail response rates are also much higher. Incredible rates of engagement and conversion provide many businesses with an astounding ROI, more than making up for the initial increase in costs.

Remember the personalised element of this strategy, and focus on quality over quantity. This is a precision-targeted strategy, not a scattergun approach, and the results reflect this.




Many marketers fail to realise that handwritten direct mail campaigns can be produced at higher volumes than they think. No member of your team should be faced with a mountain of blank stationery every week, which will ultimately be avoided and then abandoned.

With sales and marketing aligned, and the right tools in your tech stack, personalised prospecting doesn’t have to be a big headache. Rather than enlisting entire teams in time-consuming processes such as creating direct mail or mining data, outsourcing direct mail services can be the easiest option by far, and doesn’t have to cost the earth either.  




Naturally, personalised direct mail campaigns require a list of postal addresses. LinkedIn is your most reliable source for obtaining or cross checking a recipient’s postal address, but if you have time to spare, you can also call the office to confirm.

Once your handwritten direct mail is in the building allow a couple of days for it to work its way through the internal mail system and land on the desk of your recipient. How many letters appear on your desk addressed in a handwritten envelope?




Sales and marketing departments are often under pressure to meet performance targets, and digital channels such as email and social media can provide a comforting stream of real-time data. 

However, an in-depth level of tracking, reporting and analysing is entirely possible with handwritten direct mail campaigns too. Add strong calls to action, QR codes or URLs to stationery to effortlessly guide your leads from offline to online communication.




How Inkpact can help


Inkpact and our 250+ Scribe Tribe of human freelancers deliver handwritten direct marketing campaigns to help brands create personal moments and nurture human connections. What’s more, we use technology to make it easy and scalable for you to create and upload your campaign within our online platform with speed and simplicity that cannot be matched.

We’re able to deliver campaigns within as little time as 7 days, with a variety of products suited to different business budgets and campaign requirements. Whether your direct mail strategy requires 20 or 20,000 handwritten notes, we can meet your needs at virtually any volume. 

It’s simple to start your first handwritten campaign. Use our self-serve platform to create your first order, or integrate your CRM to suit existing business processes.

Dont take our word for it, check out our case studies here.



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